Hello, Historian! Welcome to the official website for the Nipissing University History Society!

Please visit our About page to learn more information about who we are and what we do, as well as to Meet Your Executives.

corkboard_30c5f1b4-97ce-448d-afd2-57bc2aff7e0b_1024x1024To see some examples of the opportunities we offer, please check out our pages: Virtual Bulletin Board (where we will display monthly updates on our upcoming events and trips), Gallery (where you can find photos and videos of our recent events), and Experiential Learning (where you can read up on student experiences).

sweater j navy 2019We also will be offering clothing orders starting in the near future. You can see what clothing we have available here and fill out an order form here.

Additionally, NUHS has a student journal, Integritas, which you can access herejournal-1200x600

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